Writing Services

Writing Services

“My task which I am trying to achieve is by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel—it is, before all, to make you see. That—and no more, and it is everything.”

Joseph Conrad.

Words can move long, exhaustive, meaningless, blurred across your vision, swimming around and around on the page and not into your mind… Or, words will whack you awake!

Copywriting, like a person’s fashion or hair, define the first impression of your brand. We take the fun and the frivolous brand, and we bounce those vibrant words about, skipping them right off the page and indelibly into your mind! Or, perhaps your brand is deep shades of zen, mellifluous yet clear in its message, floating lucidly into our subconscious. You get the picture – its words, not pictures which do the job!

The same goes for marketing writing – whether it’s a brochure, website copy, a newsletter mail out, manifestos or social media text. The marketing words must say your brand as clearly as if they said the name of your business.

Ghost writing books is a wonderful passion project and collaboration with some of life’s most interesting people and places. The skill with this writing is in keeping the voice of the person who’s story you’re telling – taking yourself as the ghost writer out, and keeping all of that person, in.

Writing personalised articles, such as magazine or newspaper articles or blogs for businesses, requires an economic use of words, with creative flare in the voice. These pieces of writing require a journalistic integrity, sharp interview technique and contacts in various areas of interest. Not to mention a piece of writing which leaves the reader informed and hungry for more of the same.

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Magazine and Newspaper Journalism

An extensive career in newspaper and magazine Features Journalism, across most lifestyle topics, enables us to provide a large cross section of writing in this area.

Meeting a deadline is all important to us, as is perfect copy, word count and a journalistic article with flare and intelligence.

Our experience will speak louder than words – check it out:


Sydney Morning Herald, Australia, fashion and beauty editor, writer and stylist; Features and News writer on Entertainment, Travel, Food and Celebrities.

Irish Times, UK, Travel Writer.

The Mirror, UK, Sub-editor.

Bucharest Daily News, Romania, Columnist.


My Child Magazine, Senior Writer

Australian Women’s Weekly, Beauty Editor and Celebrity Writer.

New Woman, UK, Beauty Editor.

Drapers Record, UK fashion industry B2B, Fashion and News Writer.

TNT Magazine, UK, Style Columnist and Travel Writer.

Bucharest What Where When, Food Reviewer, Travel Writer, Lifestyle Columnist, Associate Editor.

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Book Writing and Ghost Writing

Working on a large piece of writing of 100,000 words or so, takes some perseverance! It requires the ability to see and write the big picture, and the ability to see and write the intensive details.

As well as writing four books of fiction, biography and memoir, here are some other books completed:

Personal Memoirs – Ghost Writing

Faber Academy 2018 Anthology, Miss Molly. Published by Allen and Unwin

Sydney’s Best Cafe’s and Bars, Restaurant Reviewer 

Sydney’s Best Restaurants, Restaurant Reviewer

The Beauty Bible (UK), Content Edit.

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Website Copywriting

Nowadays, a website is the first port of call for most customers to make an assessment of a business. Terms like Landing Pages, Sections, SEO, metadata… All sound like Spanish to you? Not us – let us untangle the mangle of website terminology for your business, and create a website copy which shouts your brand loud and clear.

Here’s a little of our experience:


https://www.lifewood.com.au/  World leader in premium interior: Website copy and SEO

https://www.catarinaliving.com.au/ Property Development. Website copy and marketing materials

http://www.mamamia.com.au  Parenting and lifestyle stories: Features

http://makeuwell.com.au  Health and parenting products: Blog copy and press releases

http://www.citysearch.com.au  Lifestyle content (food, drink, entertainment, fashion, beauty, weddings)

http://www.thechocolatepot.com.au/  Website copy

http://www.bechtel.com/ Worldwide Civil Engineering Firm: Intranet Copy development and layout

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Editing Services

From whole books to individual words

Working to a tightly held word count is all-important in many copywriting service requirements, and that’s where a specialised editor or sub editor comes in.

Also key in some pieces of writing, is keeping the “voice” of the brand or the person. This is a highly developed skill which an editor who is also a writer themselves knows the importance of.

Developmental book editing services: A Developmental Editor takes large works of writing and works magic on the overall, whole-book restructure, as well as editing right down to each and every individual word, with the aim of ensure the writing reads systematically, thematically, and according to publishing standard book structure.

Media editing services: Fine detail, syntax and grammar is of ultimate importance, and a sub-editing role looking at these areas will leave your copy pristine! Here is an example of what we’ve worked in:


Mortgage Choice Marketing Newsletter, Sub Editor

Online Banking Review Website, Sub Editor

Retail Banking Review Magazine, Sub Editor

Bucharest What Where When Magazine, Associate Editor

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There is a plethora of copywriting needed for marketing materials! We have experience in email newsletter creation, Public Relations writing including advertorials and press releases, brochure copy, business blogs, across a broad business and product type, from Vitamin Supplements copywriting, to Property Development, Life Coach marketing materials to Stationary Suppliers. There is no business, brand, person or place we can’t work some magic with your marketing words!