Children’s, Teen and Adult Writer’s Groups

Children, Teen and Adult Writer’s Groups are two lively hours of fun-filled, creative writing, on a different topic each meeting. These Groups remain small, with no more than eight writers, so attention remains personalised, whilst having the benefits of peer interaction and feedback. Attendees can bring along a piece of writing for critique, or send their writing to the mentor prior to the session for personal feedback.

Both the Kids Writer’s Groups and the Adult Writer’s Groups begin with a creative writing exercise – usually a fun and silly one to loosen up everyone’s smile and settle us into a creative mindset.

Following, is a lesson on a specific genre or writing technique. We spend time writing or mapping out our personal ideas with this learning in mind.

Towards the end we learn how to critique writing – which is just as important as the lessons in the craft, because it greatly enhances one’s own writing technique. Writers have the option of reading out either what has been written in class, or a piece of work they have bought in for feedback.

Writer’s Groups are currently run via Zoom as a CovidSafe practice, but will be back in person as soon as feasible.

“My daughter really loved it & came home super inspired!!! She’s started typing up Chapter 1 which is very exciting.”

“My daughter has done a couple of the Creative Writing Workshops which she’s loved. Felicity tells the kids at the Writing Workshops are not school (ie there are no boring spelling or punctuation lessons!) – it is fun and about being creative. And, by all accounts, it was definitely fun!  However – school has benefited too. Her marks in comprehension and creative writing sky-rocketed, without her even thinking she’d been putting in extra effort!  So, both mother and daughter love these sessions. Long will we continue!”

Join us for the ride of a writing lifetime with our Kids or Adult Writer’s Groups! The aim of the game is fun and inspiration, generated in a relaxed environment where confidence in writing is gently encouraged. To change up Dr Seuss a little… The more you write, the more you’ll know; the more you learn, the more places you’ll go! And we will go to place which will have our writers brimming with a desire to keep writing and courageously sharing.

Groups are run on or around the last Saturday and Sunday afternoons of the month, from 2-4pm, via Zoom or on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. See specific dates below.

As Covid has put its big foot of disruption on our writing mentor program for Writer’s Group this year, we have changed it up a little. Currently, in each writer’s group we will look at a couple of fiction and creative non-fiction writing techniques, which will benefit all genres of writing. If you have something you would like covered by the mentor, please get in touch after you’ve booked the session, here (email/contact form) and we will endeavour to include your request.

*Writer’s Groups have a minimum number requirement. A full refund will be given straight away if – by rare chance – it is cancelled.

Upcoming Writer’s Groups:

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For Children and Teens

Creative Writing WORKSHOPS | A Way with words | Writing Videos | Workshops | Writer's Groups

For Adults

The yearly program for Writer’s Groups covers these genre’s and creative writing techniques:

Creative Journalism: Learning how to turn out passion in the best job in the world – a features of editorial journalist!

Short Story Writing: The learning component of this Writer’s Group will be on the essential elements a short story must have, and some techniques and tricks to employ.

Such A Famous Blogger! In this group we will cover what to write about as a blogging topic, and the mechanics of blogging – length, frequency, “voice” and images. You can even try your hand as a Guest Blogger on A Way With Words!

The Story Superhero: We will explore The Protagonist in this session, looking at the four types of Protagonist’s you find in all stories.

Wham Bam Poetry Slam! Now this is a fun writer’s group – bring your BIG IDEAS, your cool kid hat and we’ll raise the roof with our Slams!

Plot Twist! The tension, oh! The tension! In this session we look at how to write fiction and non-fiction with the all-important writing skill of creating tension.

X-TREME Editing! Let’s finish those books and stories! What’s important to a publisher? The aim is to make this part fun.

MeMeMe-Memoir Memoir is the most popular genre in publishing today and thus must be looked at in our Writer’s Groups!

The Amazingly Awful Antagonist! The inspirations come from far and wide in this class as we conjur up the most annoying, dastardly characters we can think of.

What In The World? We will discuss creating the world for your story, using setting and scene in this Group. Particularly of interest to Fantasy buffs.