Creative Writing Workshops & Courses

Our Creative Writing Workshops and Courses are first and foremost about fun and inspiring a love of writing. They also aim to be as personalised as possible, and results-based so the writer feels pride and satisfaction in finishing or mastering a piece of creative writing work. 

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Creative Writing Workshop Videos

“Hi Felicity, I just wanted to let you know that Lucas is LOVING your video, and is basically watching it on repeat while he writes. We fully support and love the online writing course and can’t wait for the next installation!”

Vanessa, mum to 7-year-old Lucas

Creative Writing Fiction Course

“Felicity is really easy to communicate with. She explains everything really clearly and has understandable ways of setting your story out. She helped guide me through every step of my book-from getting my ideas onto the paper to choosing my main characters; all the way to helping create the settings of the story onto paper. She makes writing feel like fun not hard work. Writing my book has been such a great exercise to further extend my writing abilities and learn tips and tricks from an expert.”

Kaitlyn, age 14.

Creative Writing Videos and Bespoke Workshops

“It went so well. They spent a whole hour on the video and are only about quarter of the way through the video clips. I think I will get an hour a day, for a week, from it!! They loved it – I had to ask them to stop writing and planning.  I’d say it’s great for siblings or friends to do together as there was a lot of discussion and idea sharing- even though they are writing their own books. Thanks so much – it was nice to have a “lesson” taken by someone else!”

Meg Garrido, mum to 8 and 10-year-old girls.

Creative Writing Course

“Sofia really loved it and is super inspired!!! She’s started typing up Chapter 1 which is very exciting.”

Sofia, age 10.

Creative Writing Videos and Course

“My daughter had done a couple of the Creative Writing Workshops which she loved. Felicity tells the kids at the Writing Workshops are not school – there is no boring checking of spelling or punctuation – it is fun and about being creative. And, by all accounts, it was definitely fun!  However – school has benefitted! Her marks in comprehension and creative writing sky rocketed, without her even thinking she’d been putting in extra effort!  So, both mother and daughter love Felicity’s sessions. Long will we continue!”

Sammy, aged 10.

Creative Writing Bespoke Workshop

“Mr 10 and Miss 9 just completed the writer’s workshop in the school holidays and absolutely loved it!! They have both almost finished their very own stories up to chapter 5!! Both have commented how calming and helpful Felicity was and definitely want to do this again!”

Mr 10 and Miss 9.

Creative Writing Workshop Videos
For ages 3 to adult

Creative Writing Video Workshops are online, taken at your own pace and grant your family Lifetime Access, so you can use them over and over to create many different writing works. A large library of genres and techniques are available for you to choose from. They are suitable for ages 3 to adult. Priced at $35.

Creative Writing Courses
For ages 7 to adult

Creative Writing Courses are designed for the writer to complete a polished piece of writing work with the close, personalised help of myself, a writing mentor. They can work on a fiction novel, or a non-fiction book, such as memoir. The course consists of five video workshop modules, taken at the writer’s own pace. Between each module the writer will be contacted by me to encourage progress and to provide valuable feedback, to ensure the work is finished.  These courses are suitable for age 8 to adult. Currently reduced from $350 to $250.

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Creative Writing Workshops are highly personalised, one-on-one or small group writing workshops, tailored exactly to the writer’s specific interest. Does your child want to write a book? We will generate and develop their idea and form it into a whole book. Is your teen keen to journal? Learning Memoir writing techniques will turn this passion into a project. Working with a professional writing mentor and published author and journalist, your child or teen creative writer will enjoy individualised attention in an atmosphere of fun.

All styles of writing are available in the workshops. Your child write a fiction book, explore poetry, master short stories, produce script writing, explore journalism, bang out some slam poetry and generate an audience with clever blogging.  Writing competition entries are always encouraged and personally mentored for our child and teen writers.

All writing genres can be explored in our workshops; from general fiction to the more specific genres of fantasy, thriller, sci-fi or cli-fi writing. We can create uplit, historical, humour, romance writing works. Or run writing workshops on creative non-fiction writing such as memoir, produce graphic novels, contemporary realistic fiction, and much more. If your child or teen wants to write it, we will workshop it!

We also run workshops on a variety of different creative writing techniques, for those writers who really want to throw themselves deep into the creative and literary craft. These include techniques such as character development, turning points, pace, writing the senses, scene structure, and a-library’s-worth more. You ask for it – we will do it!

Let’s see where in the world your words can take you!