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If people won’t wear a simple face covering – pulling your skivvy up is acceptable for crying out loud – I am swiftly losing hope they will vaccinate to eradicate this virus.

Here’s a story about the long term effects of people not vaccinating, and contributing the the spread of disease.

Our six-month old baby contracted pneumococcal disease. There was no herd immunity in our area at the time, and she was too young to have had the full schedule of vaccination.

Firstly, we had to fight to save her life for months. Then, she was classified disabled. For ten years she has lived with chronic pain. For ten years we have lived with fear the bacteria will regenerate we and could again face losing her.

The chronic pain is now ramping up. Right when she should be running, jumping, skipping and playing her much loved football with all the other ten-year-old girls, she sits alone, because she cannot. Bullies love her – as they do, an easy target – because she is weakened. Her self-esteem is heartbreakingly low. She will soon have to begin major surgeries and will spend six months not walking – and that’s only what we know will happen physically; I don’t know how we will support her through it emotionally.

When I watch her silent tears fall, I am angry, and so very sad for her, that this could have been avoided.

The long-term effects of Covid19 are now being seen in patients who have not died. The long-term effects of totally recovered Polio patients, who thought they were in the clear years ago, are now being seen. Infectious diseases are not to be messed around with. They kill and maim forever.

You, your children, your parents and grandparents are NOT invincible. There are those in your community who would happily vaccinate but don’t have the option. We need to keep them safe.

These people talk about their freedom of choice… So much more than choice and freedom has been taken away from our little girl and so many others.

Please, don’t be selfish.