Themed Creative Writing Workshops

Our Themed Creative Writing Workshops draw on a vast library of resources and professional mentor experience to cover one of the below genre or techniques. BOOK BELOW.

Short Story Writing Workshop

Once up a time…. The End! Short stories are great fun and fantastic to hone our kids creative writing skills.  In this workshop we nut out a short story, learning about the essential elements a short story must have, and some techniques and tricks our writing children can employ. Many choose to do this workshop with a Short Story competition in mind, and we polish up to perfection their piece of writing for entry. Once you’ve learnt the ins and outs of short story writing you’ll soon find yourself with a book’s worth!

The Write A Book Workshop is great for all ages. This interactive, fun workshop helps plan a whole chapter book, specific to your child’s idea. Learn all about how a full length work of fiction is structured – and plan your specific imaginative idea out at the same time. Write a Book is our most popular workshop and a great place to begin a writing journey. We can encourage role play, drawing and of course creative writing. This workshop is designed to go at the writer’s own pace, and get creative in the ways that suit them best. By the end of this workshop, the writer will have an idea for a book and a fully formed chapter plan from which they can write their first (or second or third!) novel.

“It went so well. They spent a whole hour on it and are only about quarter of the way through the video clips. I think I will get an hour a day, for a week, from it!! They loved it – I had to ask them to stop writing and planning.  I’d say it’s great for siblings or friends to do together as there was a lot of discussion and idea sharing- even though they are writing their own books.Thanks so much – it was nice to have a “lesson” taken by someone else!”

Meg Garrido, mum to 8 and 10 year old girls. Write A Book and Short Story Workshops.

“Hi Felicity, I just wanted to let you know that Lucas is LOVING your video, and is basically watching it on repeat while her writes. We fully support and love the online writing course and can’t wait for the next installation!”

Vanessa, mum to 7 year old Lucas. Write A Book Workshop.

Such a Famous Blogger!

Write all day, all month, all year on what you love! Blogging is a great way to get your writing work out to the world and receive feedback from peers, family and the wider world if you choose. In this workshop we will learn what to write about as a blogging topic, and the mechanics of blogging – length, frequency, “voice” and images. Very important is how to nurture your blogging “voice” – the ultimate skill every writer should develop. There is also an opportunity to be a Guest Blogger on A Way With Words!

Journo For A Day Workshop

Does your child have a passion for a particular hobby, sport, music, movies, or arts subject?  The best job in the world is to write about your passion! In this Workshop we learn how to take our passion and write in a journalistic style. We cover how to research a story, and what a news angle is and how to discover one. Send us your football reporters, ballet buffs, fashionista’s and movie-mad kids and we will have a blast learning all about how to be a Journo For A Day!

Wham Bam Poetry Slam!

Bring your BIG IDEAS, your cool kid hat and we’ll raise the roof with our Slams!
Take your passion for the people, a place, a thing,
Bring along that ‘ring-a-ding-ding’
Let’s put the words on the page,
Make it sage, without rage, let’s engage;
Join us in the Poetry Slam, build the jam,
Wham, bam, and see you then, man.

The Story Superhero

Let’s get creating the coolest characters on the planet!  In this creative writing workshop we will explore The Protagonist. Every story has one – he’s the guy, she’s the gal, who runs the story – the one we want to win in the end. We’ll look at the four types of Protagonist’s you find in all stories. With our younger writers we might role play them, do a funny creative writing exercise to bring out the quirks in our characters. We will look at how to send out Protagonist on a journey, push him and her to grow, so that by the end we have the perfect superhero!


Writing our personal stories with flare and fun! Memoir is the most popular genre in publishing today. Everyone has a story to tell and writing about the thing you know the best – your experiences – is where many authors begin. In this session we take all the things we know intimately and turn it into story, using various writing techniques. What was the smell of your grandmother’s house? Let’s make a fictionalised version of your first 2020 day of school. Write out the emotion of a strong memory.  And many more fun techniques to be covered!

Plot Twist!

The dangerous, the delightful, the desolate and the delicious plotting which make our books a page turner! This session is always a lively one which awakens our creativity, with lots of fun – and funny – creative writing exercises, role playing, and interactive ideas. We learn how to write fiction and non-fiction with the all-important technique of creating tension in writing.

What In The World

Creating the world for your story, using setting and scene. We’ll walk through jungles, climb frozen mountains, live in a zoo, play tennis on the beach… This Writer’s Group is a little holiday for three hours, as we delve into all the weird and wonderful places we can make up to set our story in!

The Amazing Awful Antagonist!

In this fun workshop we bring to life the character who is the biggest pest in our stories – the Antagonist. Ankle biting ant’s, pesky little brothers, that black masked man who is Luke’s father, parents who don’t allow video gaming… The inspirations come from far and wide in this class! It’s always a tone of fun conjuring up the most annoying, dastardly characters we can think of and exploring how best they can get their pest on!

X-TREME Editing!

Let’s finish those books and stories! Get ready to publish your writing. This writing workshop is all about encouragement and collaboration as we work together to make this final step of the process FUN! This workshop will includes free structural and detailed editing with by professional editor on a selection of your work to get it ready for the next step.

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  • Workshops are designed to nuture a love of writing, with an emphasis on fun and simple processes.
  • Results-based, to encourage self-confidence in ability
  • For all ages.
  • Organise your workshop to a time which suits you! Contact to arrange.
  • Run by a professional writer and mentor, with a vast library of writing resources and experience to draw on.
  • Use your Creative Kids Voucher!
  • Workshops cost $100 for 1.5 hours.
  • Available via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime and in person on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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