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As I snuggled close to my mum, I could feel the warmth of her fur on me. My sister was trying to get in my spot where it was warm, I wouldn’t budge.

It was almost feeding time and my mum would go out of the cave and hunt something. As she walked out of the cave, I and my sister lay low making sure we wouldn’t be caught.

Until, I saw something out of the cave and in the distance, I wondered what it could be.

I started to walk to the entrance, but my sister growled at me “Don’t go out there! Remember, mummy told us not to!”.

“It’s fi-” As I said it to her, I fell suddenly. I landed on a pile of snow.

The cave which me, my sister and mum lived could no longer be seen and was very well hidden.

I was freezing, but my little legs could barely carry me anywhere. Not like my mum’s.

I roamed five meters before I gave up on finding my family.

“It’s hopeless,” I said to myself. “I’ll never find them,” I sobbed.

As I was crying, a pair of white wings landed next to me. “What’s wrong dear?” the creature asked. She was an owl!

“I can’t find my family!” I cried.

“Oh darling,” she said pulling me into her wings. “I can help you,” she offered.

She asked me to go on her back and so I did. We flew over icy glaciers and snowy, ice caps on top of mountains. Then we found the cave in which me and my family lives. I pointed to it and the owl flew down to the cave.

Luckily, my mother was inside and waiting for me. She had a worried look on her face, until she saw me and a smile wiped her worried face away. I jumped off the owl’s back and ran over to my mum and she nuzzled me hard.

I was home.