School Holiday Creative Writing Workshops

Join us for some creative writing these holidays!

Holidays are the perfect time to get creative! And to polish up on those writing skills…. But shh! don’t tell the kids – because FUN is the name of the game in our Workshops, they’ll never know they’re learning at the same time.

School Holiday Workshops are highly personalised – we want to see our kids feeling proud of the writing they produce, so we keep the workshops as individualised as possible. This also means they can work on whatever writing their heart desires!

Any topic, genre or writing technique can be covered, as well as the very popular Write a Book sessions. We can discuss your child’s specific desires for creative writing, before their workshop. The main aims are for your child to have fun, and for them to receive highly personalised attention by a professional author and journalist on their writing.

Workshops are run in 1.5-hour sessions. You can book as many as you like, according to your schedule. If your little author is keen to write a book, you could think about booking a couple of workshops in a row, so we can make good headway into (or even finish) it.

We can write novels, produce stellar competition pieces, poems and short stories, create movie scripts and write creative non-fiction books. Or, we can simply have fun with creative writing excercises, exploring all different kinds of writing, from humour (always popular), to journaling, to journalism, to character development, and the list goes on!

Below are some ideas of Workshops we can do – or, we will perfectly personalise the writing workshop to achieve exactly what our writer desires!

Creative Journalism: Learning how to turn out passion in the best job in the world – a features of editorial journalist!

Short Story Writing: The learning component of this Writer’s Group will be on the essential elements a short story must have, and some techniques and tricks to employ.

Such A Famous Blogger! In this group we will cover what to write about as a blogging topic, and the mechanics of blogging – length, frequency, “voice” and images. You can even try your hand as a Guest Blogger on A Way With Words!

The Story Superhero: We will explore The Protagonist in this session, looking at the four types of Protagonist’s you find in all stories.

Wham Bam Poetry Slam! Now this is a fun writer’s group – bring your BIG IDEAS, your cool kid hat and we’ll raise the roof with our Slams!

Plot Twist! The tension, oh! The tension! In this session we look at how to write fiction and non-fiction with the all-important writing skill of creating tension.

X-TREME Editing! Let’s finish those books and stories! What’s important to a publisher? The aim is to make this part fun.

MeMeMe-Memoir Memoir is the most popular genre in publishing today and thus must be looked at in our Writer’s Groups!

The Amazingly Awful Antagonist! The inspirations come from far and wide in this class as we conjur up the most annoying, dastardly characters we can think of.

What In The World? We will discuss creating the world for your story, using setting and scene in this Group. Particularly of interest to Fantasy buffs.

“My daughter really loved it & came home super inspired!!! She’s started typing up Chapter 1 which is very exciting.”

“My daughter has done a couple of the Creative Writing Workshops which she’s loved. Felicity tells the kids at the Writing Workshops are not school (ie there are no boring spelling or punctuation lessons!) – it is fun and about being creative. And, by all accounts, it was definitely fun!  However – school has benefited too. Her marks in comprehension and creative writing sky-rocketed, without her even thinking she’d been putting in extra effort!  So, both mother and daughter love these sessions. Long will we continue!”

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