Life Story Writing

There’s a story inside all of us…

How Does It Work?

A Life Story is as much or as little of the recipient’s life story as you wish to record. It is written in the recipient’s voice, (in first person), like a memoir or mini biography. It is a keepsake for the family, as well as being a gift of respect for the recipient.

The Life Story package includes:

  • Initial consult between the commissioning person and the Life Story writer
  • Research on the period and significant events/locations etc of the Life Story recipient.
  • Formulation of interview questions
  • A gently guided interview with an experienced lifestyle journalist
  • One edit by the commissioning person or Life Story recipient, if desired
  • Up to 20 colour photographs included in relevant placing throughout the story
  • The professionally written, edited, and formatted Life Story
  • The final Life Story book, full colour printed on finest-quality paper stock, with a hard cover, A4 size. ISBN available if desired.

The process is charged by the hour of interview and includes all of the above. One hour of interview results in approximately 30-40 pages of written, edited, formatted, printed, bound and boxed Life Story. The cost is $695 per hour.

As to how long you will need – it’s up to you! An hour can cover an entire life, from grandparents to grandchildren, but the depth of detail will not be as comprehensive as a Story which has more hours. If you prefer a more in-depth Life Story or longer history covered in the Story, we add hours of interview, and another 30-40 or so pages.

A pre-interview communication will very clearly delineate what topics should be covered and what topics should be investigated, so everything wished for is included in the Life Story. This is conducted via phone or email.

The interview is conducted in person within the greater Sydney area. If outside greater Sydney, the interview can be conducted via video conference, phone, or in person with travel expenses as an extra cost covered by the client.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the form or call, if you would like to be guided on what will suit your Life Story requirement best in terms of time, depth of story and cost.

Many purchase one hour of interview and resulting writing, but request the time is kept flexible on the day, with the possibility of adding more, and determining an upper limit for hours of interview.

Extra copies of the boxed Life Story are available for $115 per copy, invoiced separately.

Life Story orders are valid for one year after date of purchase (the life story interview must be booked and have occurred within the year after purchase). After this, no refunds are available.

“Documenting my dad’s life story is something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it and had no idea where to start. Felicity took care of everything!  The only thing we had to do was think about anything specific we wanted included in his life story and the rest was up to whatever my dad wanted to share. Dad was surprised at how much he enjoyed the experience. He found Felicity easy to talk to and whilst he was a bit nervous to start, soon felt comfortable and no doubt could have talked to her all day! The story that Felicity wrote was so wonderful. She used his words and expression and was able to craft it into a perfect reflection of my dad’s life. She even unveiled details of his life that I had never heard before! I am thrilled to have my dad’s life and memories captured in one place and it is something I will treasure forever.  PS Mum is next!!!”

“Thank you so much Felicity, this is just what we envisioned and I’m sure it’s importance won’t be truly clear for many years to come yet, but we love Dad’s story! We appreciate your time, effort and patience.”

“There is no greater power on this earth, than story”. Libba Bray.

Our stories, the stories of our ordinary old lives, are the most important ones to write down. For we all have someone who loves us, who wants to hold on to our stories, and in doing so holds on to us.

A picture paints a thousand words, but isn’t better to have the words themselves? Writing a life story is important to record the details for posterity. A life story can cover a whole life, from great, great grandparents right through to your own grandchildren. It unveils what it was like to live during a certain period, what it was like to live through a war, what school looked like, what life was like growing up in a different country, the social scene, fashions worn, food cooked and how families interacted. Or, it can be a section of your life – a period of growth, an important work history, a record purely of the family, or a wonderful love story.

Life stories are often written for the purposes ensure family histories are not lost forever. They can record a minutiae detail, such as dates and places of birth of family members, friends names, neighbours, homes, marriages and deaths – and all the emotions behind each detail recalled. How many times have you thought, ‘I must write nan’s story down before it’s too late’? Recording a loved one’s life story brings out wonderful details of life as a child in a different era, the morality of the time, how the suburb of their youth has changed over the years, and how she viewed relationships, with her husband, children, brothers, sisters, parents and grandparents. These details disappear without a record of them, and they’re so important in the shaping of who we are and the generations to come.

Writing a life story can also be used to give a person a voice. Is there a part of your life you want to illuminate? Something which burns within you, which needs to be put into the world in a permanent way? Do you have a deep knowledge, or a passion for a cause which has been woven through your life? It must be written, in the Life Story form, so it is recorded, documented for those with the same interest, for history or, once again, for posterity.

Life Stories are also written for the purpose of healing oneself, and for helping others. From struggle, we grow. Writing about a challenging period in your life can be cathartic and healing – putting the words onto the page takes them out of your heart and mind. Stories of challenging times and lessons learned are of so much benefit to others who may find themselves in a similar situation, helping them feel as if they are not alone, and showing them a way forward. These stories also act as a lesson before the fact, how one may avoid the challenge you have experienced. This is vitally important Life Story writing.

When we write Life Stories, we preserve our family histories for ourselves and those to come. Have you thought to yourself, ‘I must write some of Nan’s stories down before it’s too late’?  When we preserve our loved ones stories, the details are not lost, and the voice of our loved one coming through in their story helps us to stay close or remember them well in future times.

A picture paints a thousand words, but isn’t better to have the words themselves? Past era’s come alive with stories of old 50’s milk bars, the music of the time, the details of the fashions, the way life was run for your family member or friend, in their life story.

Recording Life Stories can also be a healing process for some, and in recording your personal story of challenge, you are recording a healing path forward for other.

You may have had an interesting career, or hobby which is well worth recording – or your friend or family member may have. It does not have to be the whole life, but a section of it in depth is wonderful and important to write down.

A Life Story gift, is a gift of respect. And a great idea for the person who has everything! Life Story gifts are commonly bought as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts, for Christmas gifts, and even as a wedding present for the happy couple. We have gorgeous Gift Certificates for a Life Story, befitting the importance of such a bequest.