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How Does It Work?

A Life Story is as much or as little of the recipient’s life story as you wish to record. It is written in the recipient’s voice, (in first person), like a memoir or mini biography. It is a keepsake for the family, as well as being a gift of respect for the recipient.

Your Life Story Writing purchase includes:

  • Initial consult between the commissioning person and the Life Story writer
  • Research on the period and significant events/locations etc of the Life Story recipient.
  • Formulation of interview questions
  • A gently guided interview with an experienced lifestyle journalist
  • One edit by the commissioning person or Life Story recipient, if desired
  • Up to 30 colour photographs included in relevant placing throughout the story
  • The professionally written, edited, and formatted Life Story
  • The final Life Story, full colour printed on finest-quality paper stock, beautifully packaged in an elegant, sturdy keep-sake box, and loosely bound so pages with future stories and photographs can be added if desired.

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Imagine sitting with your grandmother, reminiscing on her amazing life, and recording it for your family history… Or perhaps you want to write your own life story – for others to enjoy or learn from, or simply for yourself.

Writing our Life Stories is fun! And it’s a great way to connect with a loved one – a long term project to do together, an experience which will create memories of its own.

The Writing Life Stories Gift Pack comes with:

  • Attractive Interview Cards, designed out of my years of experience writing in the genre.
  • A Writing Life Stories Workshop Video, to guide you through the whole process step by step, with tips and tricks for recording the story – even for our youngest, early writers.
  • Gorgeous stationery gift pack personalised to the Life Story recipient and their writing partner.
  • A “take-everywhere” journal for each writer – it is a vital part of the Life Story process, as you will discover in the workshop video.
  • Pens, pencils, novelty erasers, a smart book mark and a cloth book bag

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The perfect gift for those who’ve always wanted to write their own Life Story, write their memoir or write their biography.

With 3 guided step-by-step Workshop Videos; specifically-designed Life Story Writing Cards to help you structure the story, and Writing Templates, this gift pack will see the Story completed – and via an enjoyable process!

What you get:

  • A set of specially-designed A Way With Words Life Story Writing Cards
  • Writing Life Stories Workshop Videos to guide you practically through what should be included
  • A Memoir Writing Workshop Video to help with writing techniques
  • A Writing for Positive Mental Health Workshop video with warm up writing excercises and methods for bringing out memories of a lifetime of stories.
  • All Writing Workshop Videos are Family and Lifetime-Access
  • A smart writing book, tailored to the life story recipient
  • ‘Take everywhere’ journaling notebook
  • A pen or pencil tailored to the gift recipient
  • All packaged in a cloth book bag for Story keepsakes and reminders
  • Personalised gift certificate

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The Life Stories MINI GIFT includes a set of gorgeous Writing Prompt cards, specially designed by a professional Life Story author, and the accompanying Writing Workshop Video to guide the writer step-by-step. Together, they will ensure the Life Story is completed and enjoyed along the way!

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