Life Story Writing Editing and Mentoring Services

Mentoring with you through your life story writing

Would you love to write your life story but need a kickstart or some help along the way?

Mentoring is a great way to learn writing techniques associated with memoir and biography, whilst getting the project done.

In bespoke, one-on-one mentoring we can cover all the commonly asked questions, such as ‘how do I start?’, ‘how do I structure it?’, ‘should I theme my work?’ or ‘what formatting should I use?’, and many more.

Every project is unique and at different stages of development, so the cost is also unique! Let’s talk it through and see how we can get your life story completed – book a free consultation for a quote.

Helping you Edit your life story to perfection

Have you written your life story and are unsure of the next steps?

A copy and structural edit of your writing will be required to polish it to perfection.

Next, you will need a design layout for publishing – including photos can really bring the story to life.

Then, all that hard work must not be put in the drawer! Publishing is the final step, so loved ones, the general public, or whoever you’ve written the story for can enjoy your important story.

I can help with all of this.  The publishing arm of A Way With Words produces beautiful large format, hard cover, full colour books, on best quality stock.

Everyone’s story is unique – therefore so is the cost of these services. Please contact me to chat through your project and what you require for a quote.


‘Felicity was so great in helping me with my memoir, I would never have finished it without her help or encouragement. I would advise anyone interested in writing a memoir to use her services.’ Annaliese.

‘I learnt so much – and I FINALLY got my story done. It was such a good feeling. Felicity dealt with my traumatic story in a very kind, considerate, not at all pitying manner – it was just perfect for me. I feel so much better now I’ve finished my story. I couldn’t have done it without her.’ James.

‘I had bits of paper with bits of story all over the place. Felicity worked some magic to help me bring it all together in a coherent way. My family loved my book, which she also helped me publish – I never thought it would be so well received by them (although Felicity kept telling me it would be!). I highly recommend Felicity’s life story mentoring sessions – I feel such a sense of accomplishment.’  Bruce.

Writing Life Stories Gift Pack

“We are two cards in, having interviewed their grandmother in NZ twice this week. The kids take turns with one interviewing her and the other note taking. We have scheduled three more zooms with her next week and have a goal to complete the serious by the end of the school holidays. The children are enjoying hearing their Nanny’s interesting and at times, hilariously funny stories. I have no doubt that Nanny is enjoying their bonding session as well.”

Happy Writing Life Stories Gift family.

Writing Life Stories Gift Pack

“We may well end up doing it as a live presentation as we’ve been recording our sessions so can use these to refer back to. We’re lucky in that Nanny is the gate keeper of a lot of the family history and she has also sent us some great photos and memorabilia to accompany her Life Story…”

Happy Writing Life Stories Gift family

Writing Life Stories Gift Pack

“What we’ve found that has worked well is that I send her your card and link to your Workshop Video for each stage. She then comes to the Zoom well prepared. We also keep our zooms to 40 minutes so the children don’t tire. If it were me writing the story I’d probably just let it flow and be more organic but, I really want this to be from the children’s point of view. My daughter enjoys drawing and is excited about illustration parts of the story.”

Happy Writing Life Stories Gift family

“Documenting my dad’s life story is something that I have always wanted to do, but never had the time to do it and had no idea where to start. Felicity took care of everything!  The only thing we had to do was think about anything specific we wanted included in his life story and the rest was up to whatever my dad wanted to share. Dad was surprised at how much he enjoyed the experience. He found Felicity easy to talk to and whilst he was a bit nervous to start, soon felt comfortable and no doubt could have talked to her all day! The story that Felicity wrote was so wonderful. She used his words and expression and was able to craft it into a perfect reflection of my dad’s life. She even unveiled details of his life that I had never heard before! I am thrilled to have my dad’s life and memories captured in one place and it is something I will treasure forever.  PS Mum is next!!!”  

“Thank you so much Felicity, this is just what we envisioned and I’m sure it’s importance won’t be truly clear for many years to come yet, but we love Dad’s story! We appreciate your time, effort and patience.”