Creative Writing Workshops I A Way With Words


By Violet

10 years old


And lastly a cup of vinegar.

SPLASH! The contents of Mr Gilbert’s orange slimy potion had splatted all over his clean white lab. That was not meant to happen he thought, his grey frizzy hair falling all over his face.

Out of the corner of his eye Mr Gilbert saw all the gloop coming together into a large clump on the floor. He could feel his heart pounding faster and louder with every second that went by. His large, round, brown eyes were staring at the ground. What on earth was happening?

The orange blob had slowly turned into a creature. It had great big yellow eyes that were staring right at Mr Gilbert’s buttons on his neatly tied shirt which was not clean any more after the explosion.

“Who are you?” asked Mr Gilbert, his hand trembling. He did not know what to do.

“I Jiggly” the creature said.

When Jiggly spoke it sounded as if he was under water so he was hard to understand. He kept repeating “My name is Jiggly” over and over again in his strange voice.

Mr Gilbert was not even listening anymore. He had his nose stuck in a book called Cures for Experiments Gone Wrong. All the answers would be in here. Unfortunately, he just could not find what he was looking for due to Jiggly being hungry and eating the book while it was in his hands.

Mr Gilbert decided that it would be best to ask Jiggly some questions, so he did.

“Are you a boy or a girl?”

“Do you like donuts?”

“Are you ever going to leave?”

“Why are you here?”

Unfortunately, the only answer that he got to these questions was Jiggly sticking out his two long pointy teeth and glaring at him.

Mr Gilbert felt a bit scared and knew what he needed to do. He needed to run, to get out of there and away from this strange creature. He started sprinting towards the door, but he was too late. Jiggly’s slimy, orange body was already blocking the door. He was stuck.

Mr Gilbert sighed. He knew it. He knew that he was done for now. There was no escape for him. He was trapped in the lab on his own with this scowling, orange Jiggly thing.

“Jiggly, take me. You have won and I have lost” he said dramatically.

Jiggly shook his head and slowly put his short, chubby orange arms around Mr Gilbert’s knees, as he was the size of a minion and could therefore not quite reach Mr Gilbert’s waist. Mr Gilbert was so shocked that his big round glasses fell off his face and shattered on the ground. He has been expecting an attack, not a cuddle from this slimy being.

He stood still for a moment and then slowly reached down and picked up Jiggly. Looking into his yellow eyes, Mr Gilbert remembered just how lonely he was. Days and nights spent working alone in the lab meant that he had no friends of his own. Salty tears started to run down his face and drip onto the floor.

Mr Gilbert had a burning feeling to ask Jiggly one more question. Even though he had not answered any of his other ones earlier.

“Jiggly, can we be friends?”

And for the first time Jiggly answered.