Christmas Story I Slam Poetry I Creative Writing


It’s Christmas time, a good sign, but today, not all is fine

There’s Armageddon

We look to Heaven

But a virus rages on, bullies swarm, become the norm.

It’s Christmas time, the bells they chime, we all drink wine

But there are homeless

Those who hope less

At this time of spending, over-extending, feasting, over-heating.

It’s Christmas time, with all the shine, mine mine mine

What does it mean?

What do we glean from all this preen?

Perhaps we have forgotten…

A babe was born, amidst the hay, on Christmas day, as God did say

Mary surprised

Joseph paralysed

But three wise men were in the know; that from this show, peace would grow


“Hark the Herald Angels”, they sing, with their bling, ring a ding ding

The cattle low

Baby wakes although…

He doesn’t cry, ‘cause he’s the guy: All the evil he’ll nullify

The star is shone, peace is ON, the tiny babe takes the baton

For our misdemeanours

He’s the intervener

The dude of peace, will make the Armageddon cease, and us release

He brings the hope, no anecdote, take note, of his big old quote

We must remember

In December

To love one another, brother, mother, other; with it smother

Be that babe who shines the light, bold and bright, on what’s right

Spread the kind

Hope entwinned

It’s Christmas time, be thine divine, and let that love shine.