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Once there was a place, Australia was its name

And being the Lucky Country, was its claim to fame.

It was girt by sparkling sea, golden soil across the Isle,

Land of opportunity, wealth for toil, an easy smile.

This land abounded in nature’s gifts, beautiful, rich and rare,

But as I stand here and look around, I see none left to share.

For in this lucky country, it is clear the luck’s run out,

The blessed life of abundance, is replaced by one of doubt.

Australia toots its horn, about the beautiful Barrier Reef,

But this UNESCO heritage site, is under threat of thief.

The thief is climate change; and HALF the reef is gone,

Yet still we pump out greenhouse gas, and cook our coral on.

Onward we happily destroy, the only reef you can see from Space,

Killing prehistoric animals – Australia, it’s a disgrace.

The country cries with drought, it cannot feed its own,

And still our money goes into coal, leaving farmers all alone.

We see politician’s crying, about the state of mental health,

Yet I see the blood of farmers, on the hands of our Commonwealth.

But let’s move on to other reasons, the world loves lucky Australia

It’s the generous and friendly people: That’s our cultural regalia.

For those who’ve come across the seas, We’ve boundless plains to share,

With courage let us all combine to Advance Australia Fair.

And courage you’ll need, the UN says, having crossed that mighty sea,

Because Australia’s Human Rights record, is not all it’s cracked up to be.

OK, maybe not so friendly, but with generosity we are blessed?

No; compared the world-over, we are selfish with our bequest.

I’m not sure what we’re proud of now, with our natural beauty going,

And our friendly, welcoming nature, it seems is far from glowing.

I do love our Australian country, but on the big wide world exchange,

We are not so lucky anymore, and now it’s time to change.