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Invisible Emma

By Jasmine

8 years old

Emma was sitting in her bedroom with nothing to do. She was feeling bored and wanted to get her notebook so she could do a drawing. She could not remember where she has left her book and drawing pencils so had to start looking around her room.

“Where is it?” Emma said. “Oh, there it is.”

Emma went up on her tip toes. Nearly there. Just a little bit higher. Splash! What had she knocked over?

A shiny liquid poured all over her. It dripped down her face and all over her body. She looked down at her feet. She was looking into thin air. Where had her shoes gone? Her polka dot dress had faded into nothing. Her straight red hair had disappeared. She lifted up one of her hands and there was nothing there. Emma was invisible.

“How cool!” she thought. Emma has always wanted to be invisible so she could sneak into the pantry and eat all the chocolate without anyone seeing her. She decided to go downstairs and tell her mum what had happened. It was so amazing.

“Mum, Mum, Mum” she yelled. She realised that her mum could not hear her or see her. She felt so lonely. What was she going to do?

She thought for a few minutes and then wondered if there might be a cure at the Magic Book Shop.

She ran all the way there. Nobody could see her as she ran past them as fast as she could. She really hoped that the cure would be there waiting for her.

The shelves in the Magic Book Shop were all wonky. The books had tipped off the shelves and lay all dusty on the floor. Emma crawled around and looked at every single book. There was nothing about invisibility. She looked again, but still nothing. She felt like there was no hope.

Emma sat on the floor of the bookshop and wondered what she should do. She could not ask anyone for help because nobody could hear her. Then she thought that maybe she could just go home and sneak some chocolate after all. That was the reason she wanted to be invisible in the first place.

She walked home feeling hungry and excited to see what was in the pantry. She sneaked inside and found her favourite chocolate bar, a Cherry Ripe. She crouched in the corner of the kitchen and started to enjoy the sweet flavour.

She looked down and noticed that her feet had started to become visible. Next, she could see her polka dot dress and then every part of her body. Eating the delicious chocolate was obviously the cure.

Just then her mum walked into the kitchen and saw Emma eating the chocolate bar.

“You will spoil your dinner, young lady. Now is not the time to be eating.” she said.

Emma giggled. She had never been so happy to be told off by her mum.