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Children's Creative Writing Workshop I A Way With Words

By Sanaa.

If I had just one wish to make the world a better place, what would I wish for?

If I had just one wish to make the world a better place, I would wish for nobody to go through poverty or homelessness. Poverty and homelessness can be unfair, life would be pretty hard, but we can all do something about it! Let’s take a look…

Ending poverty and homelessness would be my wish because it is greatly unfair. Those who are not living in poverty or homeless may take things for granted. For example, when our computer doesn’t work anymore, we might think it is the end of the world, but really, not having a house and not having safety is much, much worse. A person living in poverty or who is homeless, might not have access to fresh food and water, education, a house, a family and health care. From this we can conclude, everyone should wish for poverty and homelessness to be eliminated in the world.

Another point to consider is, how life would be pretty hard for these people who are going through homelessness or living in poverty, and that’s why we should all make our number one wish to be eliminating poverty and homelessness in the world. For example, how would you feel if you were sleeping out on a pub bench in the middle of winter when you don’t have a warm blanket or even bed? Because of this, some people think that sharing a bed with someone else is really uncomfortable, but in fact, sleeping out on a pub bench in the rain on a wintery night is uncomfortable. If you were living in poverty and you didn’t have the basic needs, you might think “why bother living when I struggle to find basic needs for my survival?”. In conclusion, we can try hard to imagine what the life of a homelessness or person living in poverty, and therefore it should be all of our number one’s wish to eliminate it!

We have already discussed the cons of poverty, but there are some pros on what we can do to make a change! For example, we can set up homes and shelters for people who are going through these tough times! We can even support charities like OZHARVEST who get all the unwanted fruits and veges from the supermarkets and make them into yummy dishes for people who are homeless or living in poverty! We can therefore see, that even a tiny action can make a big change and help other people drastically! If we all do something for homeless people and people who are in poverty, I bet every single person will have a better life than what they are living in now!

In conclusion, we should all make our number one wish to make the world a better place, the aim to end poverty and homelessness. As you have seen, it is unfair, very hard to live with, and there is much we can do to achieve our wish. Let’s get to it!