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Creative Writing Videos

Our online creative writing videos cover a wide range of writing techniques and genres. The writing video is yours forever, and is designed for your child, teen or adult to watch and write at their own pace. Your creative writer can use the video over and over again, working on and producing many different books or creative writing works. Their creative writing skill will increase and develop, the more they use the video.

And they can be used anywhere in the world – our regional Australian creative writers have taken up the charge and are producing incredible work!

There are writing videos for ages 3, right up to adult. With the writing videos for younger children they are not just sitting in front of a screen and writing – instead, they’re up, getting their wiggles out, writing songs and singing them, role playing with their toys to create plots, drawing, cutting and pasting to generate stories and scenes, dressing up to create characters and of course writing words. Above all, having fun is an important part of the process! Our aim is to always make creative writing fun for children, to develop a lifelong passion for the craft.

For our creative writing teenagers and adults, the videos encourage introspection into good memories, and learning how to write our emotions out of our bodies and onto the page. We build on techniques taught at school, but use writing in a creative and free-form manner rather than to a formula – always striving to generate joy from the craft of writing.

Our philosophy is to see results in creative writing – even in long works such as books! The creative writing online videos aim to leave the writer feeling a sense of pride and satisfaction in finishing or mastering a piece of creative writing work.

The video scripts and lessons are designed by a professional writing mentor, journalist and author, who also delivers the on-screen creative writing video workshop.  The video can be combined with a Writing Workshop – the video will teach the lessons, then the follow up personalised Workshop will see the child’s piece of writing developed with individualised attention to their book, poetry, works of journalism and so on.

Many writing styles are covered in the writing videos for children, teens and adults – and if it’s not there, please let us know what you’d like to see made available!  New videos are being made all the time.

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Storytelling Video

The Storytelling Video is for children from age 3 to 7 – those wiggly little storytellers who may not yet be able to write fluently but love to get up and role play, make stories with their toys and sing songs. Let’s get creative and silly and have some fun!  Our little Storytellers will draw, play act, dress up, sing, write words and use their toys to create a plot. It is designed to be lively – we will definitely not be sitting down all the time! They do not have to know how to write – there are other options to tell their story – but if your child does like to write, there are plenty of opportunities to use words too. The video is designed to be watched, paused to do the activity, watched, paused, and so on. And, it can be used over and over again, to create different stories in different ways, giving hours and hours of creative and active fun!

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Write a Book Video

The Write A Book Video is great for ages 7 to adults. This interactive video helps plan a whole chapter book, specific to your idea – with some slightly wacky fun involved. Learn all about how a work of fiction is structured into a whole book – and plan your specific imaginative idea out at the same time. The Write a Book video is energetic, encouraging role play, drawing and of course creative writing, this workshop is designed to go at the writer’s own pace, and get creative in the ways that suit them best. By the end of this workshop, the writer will have an idea for a book and a fully formed chapter plan from which they can write their first (or second or third!) novel. A follow up Writing Workshop for feedback and further personalised work with a mentor is very popular.

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Finish That Book! Video

Writing a book is a looooong project! And one which gives a writer the most amazing sense of acheivement when it’s complete. But – completing it is the hard part! This video breaks writing a whole entire book down into manageable chunks, with prompts to keep your story moving along at the right pace. And, above, to make the writing process fun. The video is yours to keep for ever and use repeatedly to finish many books!

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Memoir Writing Video

The Memoir Writing Video, for ages 10 to adult, looks at creative writing techniques used in Memoir writing, using examples from the life you’re living right now and from our fond memories or personal histories. We can use this video to write history-in-the-making, as we live through unprecedented times during a worldwide pandemic – or, for emotional catharsis during a pressured time. This video also covers writing your own personal memoir – the story inside you which you’ve always wanted to write. Or, we look at an uplit memoir – a book of uplifting stories from your life and experiences – a wonderful experience which brings joy to the writer.

The video is designed to watch, then write; and with exercises which you can do over and over again, to build up all the smaller stories into one big Memoir.

  • The beauty of Memoir is that is can remain private, like a journal or diary, or you can write it for others – your family, friends, everyone!
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Be A Journalist Video

In the Be A Journalist video we dive into learning how to do the best job in the world – an editorial or features journalist! In this video we take your favourite hobby or passion and turn it into a job. Would you love to spend your working life going to sport matches, or seeing lots of bands, or travelling the world, spending time with animals, or testing out the latest technology products? You can if you’re a journalist! In this video workshop we take our passion or hobby and learn how to write about it using journalism techniques. Aspire to be a sports reporter, food reviewer, entertainment writer, agriculture writer, tech reporter… The list is endless! The Video is designed to be watched, then paused while you write, play, pause, and so on. It is yours to keep forever, so you can write all different kinds of articles and practice over and over!

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Short Story Writing Video

Once up a time…. The End! Short stories are great fun and fantastic to hone our creative writing skills.  In this workshop we plan out a short story, learning about the essential elements a short story must have, and some techniques and tricks our writers can employ. Many choose to do this workshop with a Short Story competition in mind – we can polish up to perfection their piece of writing for entry in the Video and Workshop package. Once you’ve learnt the ins and outs of short story writing you’ll soon find yourself with a book’s worth! The video is designed to be watched, paused to write, watched, paused, and so on. And, it can be used over and over again, to create all kinds of different short stories.

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Writing for Positive Mental Health Video

Writing is a peaceful, meditative activity which is a great way to get your thoughts out of your head, your emotions off your heart, and place them safely on the page. If writing is tricky, getting your stories out via voice to text options work just as well.

Used as a practice most days, like any mindfullness technique, the benefits can make a noticeable difference in your life. All ages and stages will be able to use this video.

This video covers several different techniques, and has prompts for those who would like inspiration. We look at Morning Pages, Journaling, Writing for Escapsim, and Fictionalising your story.