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Curing the kids: The Woodstock Country Show

 If you ask me would I like to trap four whingeing children in a long car trip, my answer would be “Thank you, but I’ll take the Chinese water torture”. However, last weekend we did just that. As we left Sydney it didn’t take long for apparent third world-type starvation and cries of persecution about Read More

Renovator’s Dream

  Renovating: Along with death and divorce it is touted as one of the most stressful things you can do. I think I agree. Here are some things I’ve learnt over the last 8 years of renovating our house: We survived. Like Stuart Diver, buried under 3,500 tonnes of rock and mud, we survived. We Read More

The Marvellous Mammogram

The marvellous mammogram, I had one today Here’s my assessment, which way will YOU sway? It squashes a boob, this way and that To stop The Big C from having a crack I’d heard that it’s painful and awful and crude That your nipple is pinched, you’re stark bollucky nude No wait – that is Read More

My Villagio

Once you go through that whole process of the growing and the getting out of a baby, you’re then expected to rear it. Oh, look, I’m what’s called a mother…! Amidst copious other advice, you will hear, often, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Usually at this point in the diatribe I was Read More


My firstborn chokes and wheezes. Watching her, my soul is strangling inside, like a twisting, sucking drain. We sit on the sand at Shelley Beach, in the heart of God’s Country.  With us, is my twin sister, Sky – the two of us born on The Second Day. And, our younger brother, ‘Man, born on Read More


Once there was a place, Australia was its name And being the Lucky Country, was its claim to fame. It was girt by sparkling sea, golden soil across the Isle, Land of opportunity, wealth for toil, an easy smile. This land abounded in nature’s gifts, beautiful, rich and rare, But as I stand here and Read More

Do you know what a tractor pull is?

Well, neither did I till I went to the Woodstock Memorial Show. It’s LOADS of fun, really, something you’d never see unless you went to a country show. You’ll find yourself cheering and holding your breath as if it were a neck and neck Holden-Ford Grand Prix. You must do it. And there is the Read More

Fires They Are A Burning

Fires they are a burning, churning, disconcerting, Mother Nature’s fury learning, earning the respect. Respect the big and little, one’s age-twelve, do not bear When they light a fire, bring in ire, make things dire, Bringing lost love close to the wire. May they walk with those burnt bodies, change their bands, hold their weeping Read More

Who’s choice?

If people won’t wear a simple face covering – pulling your skivvy up is acceptable for crying out loud – I am swiftly losing hope they will vaccinate to eradicate this virus. Here’s a story about the long term effects of people not vaccinating, and contributing the the spread of disease. Our six-month old baby Read More

When the coffee is crap

I feel like a coffee grain in a giant coffee plunger at the moment: with a slow ceiling of pressure squeezing down on the whole world. There is no escape – the metal plate goes right to the edge sealing you in, and it just keeps coming, pushing down, making us swirl in increasing chaos Read More