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It’s a bully atmosphere – RIGHT HERE, Don’t close your ears, it won’t disappear Society is diseased with this unease, kids on their knees, Maliciousness floating upon the breeze. Listen: It’s all around, it makes no sound…   It can be found behind the screens, in evil words up and downstream In pacts, in gangs, Read More

A Christmas Tale

John wasn’t coming home for Christmas. Stupid Premier Palace-Chuck had slammed shut the Queensland border mid-flight in her ongoing toddler tantrum because NSW had one-and-a-half new Covid cases. John had no choice but to go into hotel quarantine for two weeks up there. And without John, our Christmas light was snuffed. Literally and figuratively – Read More


It’s Christmas Time

#slampoetry It’s Christmas time, a good sign, but today, not all is fine There’s Armageddon We look to Heaven But a virus rages on, bullies swarm, become the norm. It’s Christmas time, the bells they chime, we all drink wine But there are homeless Those who hope less At this time of spending, over-extending, feasting, Read More