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Canopies, Crocodiles and Clownfish

Have you ever had to wake up early in the morning for a relaxing holiday or had to watch a crocodile almost snatch someone’s hand? Sanaa thought this holiday was going to be a total drag, but she quickly discovered the magical beauty of far north Queensland. By Sanaa Kapoor   Rex Sunset Lookout. Photo Read More

Fires Burning

Fires they are a burning, churning, disconcerting Mother Nature’s fury learning earning the respect. Respect the big and little, one’s age twelve, do not bear When they light a fire, bring in ire, make things dire, Bring lost love close to the wire. May they walk with those burnt bodies, change their bands, hold their Read More

JIGGLY by Violet

Jiggly By Violet 10 years old   And lastly a cup of vinegar. SPLASH! The contents of Mr Gilbert’s orange slimy potion had splatted all over his clean white lab. That was not meant to happen he thought, his grey frizzy hair falling all over his face. Out of the corner of his eye Mr Read More


Invisible Emma By Jasmine 8 years old Emma was sitting in her bedroom with nothing to do. She was feeling bored and wanted to get her notebook so she could do a drawing. She could not remember where she has left her book and drawing pencils so had to start looking around her room. “Where Read More


The Sundowner, by Kaitlyn Rutledge Shortlisted for the Sydney Living Museums  A Thousand Words Historical Fiction Competition   I arrived home to our station, on the steam train one afternoon. My knuckles bloody and sore from a few swift smacks of the cane. At the front gate, a man, leaning against the wooden strainer post. Read More


It’s a bully atmosphere – RIGHT HERE, Don’t close your ears, it won’t disappear Society is diseased with this unease, kids on their knees, Maliciousness floating upon the breeze. Listen: It’s all around, it makes no sound…   It can be found behind the screens, in evil words up and downstream In pacts, in gangs, Read More

A Christmas Tale

John wasn’t coming home for Christmas. Stupid Premier Palace-Chuck had slammed shut the Queensland border mid-flight in her ongoing toddler tantrum because NSW had one-and-a-half new Covid cases. John had no choice but to go into hotel quarantine for two weeks up there. And without John, our Christmas light was snuffed. Literally and figuratively – Read More