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Oscar James D, 7 years old.


By Oscar James D.


Chapter 1.

One day, a kid called Oscar, is training in his bedroom to get into the Chelsea FC soccer team.  He looks at the posters on his wall of the Chelsea team while he’s training, and he gets the idea to try out for the team. His favourites are N’Ggolo Kantè, Kepa and David Liuz.

Oscar decides to go to Freddie’s room. Freddie is his friend who he lives with.

‘We should try out for the Chelsea soccer team,’ says Oscar.

Freddie says, ‘How about I try out for midfielder and you try out for striker?’

Oscar says, ‘Let’s do it!’

Oscar looks up on the computer who’s trying out for what position. He sees Hazard on the list, trying out for the striker.

He shouts out, ‘FREDDIE! Come and look!’

Freddie is very surprised to see Hazard going for striker. He normally plays right wing or left wing. He is their best player, and now he’s going for striker – the same as Oscar! Oh no!


Chapter 2

Oscar is scared, because he knows he’ll have to do a 1 v 1 with Hazard in the trial.

Back in 2010, when Oscar was only thirteen years old, he broke his ankle. All his life he’d wanted to join the Chelsea Football Academy. Finally, he got in, moved to England from France, and trained with them for a year. But then he broke his ankle and that broke all his dreams – he wouldn’t play for Chelsea anymore. And the person who broke his ankle was Hazard!  He kicked the ball so hard, it slammed into the side of his foot and SNAP!

Back to 2020, Oscar felt scared, because he would be versing Hazard again.

Freddie comes up to Oscar and says, ‘It’s alright. Maybe Hazard will get an injury this time, and won’t be able to trial’. Freddie manages to convince Oscar to keep practising and do the trial.

Oscar decided to keep going because that was his dream. And you should follow what you want to do, do what your heart wants to do, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, because you can trial again, whenever you want.

Oscar and Freddie train every day in their backyard.


Chapter 3

The next day, Oscar and Freddie are training, when the Chelsea coach arrives, Coach Blue. He says, ‘Aren’t you two trying out for my team?’

Oscar and Freddie say: ‘Yes!’

Coach Blue says, ‘Well, how about we train together?’

Oscar and Freddie are very excited.

They train for an hour. It is hard work.

Then suddenly, Oscar trips! His ankle falls into a hole in the park, which he didn’t see because of the long grass. He tries to get back up, but it really hurts. He can’t walk!

The Coach says, ‘I’m taking you to the hospital’.

Oscar is sad, and very worried about the trials.


Chapter 4

Oscar is sitting at the hospital.

The doctor says, ‘Oscar, you’re going to have to have an operation’.

Oscar feels worried. He says to Freddie, ‘I might not be out of hospital for a week – I might not make the trials! You try your best to get into midfield’.

The operation takes one night until it is finished.

The doctor gives Oscar a metal ankle. But it still really hurt!

Freddie is sad for Oscar. To make him feel better, he says, ‘I put a spy camera in Hazard’s room, so you can watch him whenever you want’.

Oscar watched Hazard train for a night.

Oscar feels worried – he might not make it to the trials and he might not make it to striker for Chelsea.


Chapter 5

A night later, Freddie comes in to see Oscar at hospital.

He is measuring up Oscar’s foot. But Freddie hurts Oscar’s foot even more!

Oscar says, ‘OW!!! What are you doing?’

Freddie says, ‘Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about your foot anymore!’ And he leaves the hospital.

The doctor comes in to see Oscar.

‘Oscar, I’m sorry, but you won’t be able to make your soccer trial,’ says the doctor. ‘Your foot will hurt for two weeks – you won’t be able to play soccer for about two weeks’, he says.

Oscar says, ‘I’ve got to wait another whole year now?!’ Soccer trials for Chelsea were only held once a year.

Oscar sat in his hospital bed SO mad!

But there was nothing he could do about it.


Chapter 6

Oscar is lying in bed feeling sad. He is watching Hazard through the spy camera on his hospital TV.

Suddenly, he sees one of Hazard’s trophies fall off the shelf and BANG! into his leg. Hazard falls his bed, grabbing his leg and screaming.

An hour later, Oscar sees Hazard arrive at the hospital. They both think, ‘now no one will get the striker position!’

Freddie arrives two minutes later. ‘Look what I’ve got for you!’ Freddie puts on a special boot on Oscar. ‘I made this for you to help your metal ankle and you can leave the hospital to do the trials!’

‘Wow, I feel much better now!’ says Oscar.

Then Freddie and Oscar jump out a window! BANG!

Freddie’s car is outside the hospital. ‘Quick, we’ve only got two minutes to get to the trial – then one minute to train before the trial starts!’ say Freddie and Oscar.

They arrive in time. Oscar and Freddie practise their skills.

Coach Blue watches them throughout the trial.

Coach Blue calls them over at the end and says, ‘Congratulations! You did it! Oscar, you’re our new striker! And Freddie, you’re our new midfielder!’