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Felicity Lenehan has been a journalist for 25 years, run writer’s groups for adults for eight years, and worked in primary school with children in literacy for ten years, as well as studying Early Childhood Teaching.

Felicity, of A Way With Words, started life as a fabulous fashion editor and lifestyle writer, tripping about the world on the proceeds of her idiolects, across glamorous magazines and strapping international newspapers. Now, she is resplendent in Aussie trakkies, raising four kids, writing four novels, and has a strange love of turtles.

Felicity does get out of her trakkies for a few things: The incredible talent in the Adult Writer’s Groups she has now run for eight years… She will also glam up for the gorgeous kids and teens who come for Writing Workshops… And finally, she will absolutely don a frock for those special people who let her in to their personal world to write their Life Stories.

Oh, and also sometimes for date night with her hubby.

A Way With Words was born out of a love of all things writing and for sharing knowledge – knowledge gained over 20 years of journalism experience and 10 years of fiction and creative non-fiction writing experience and courses.

The Kids Writing Workshops blossomed because she loves kids – well, she did have four of her own. However, at one point after an eon of raising babies, she did decide want to speak to an adult or two, and the idea for the Life Stories began… Once she started hearing the amazing stories of those who think they are “just an ordinary person”, she felt thoroughly blessed to be a part of something so personal and wonderful. And of course, the stories are far from ordinary.

The A Way With Words Blog explores issues which are themes in Felicity’s fiction, memoir and biographical novels, as well as tid bits on the life of a stay at home writer-mother, slash mother-writer. And sometimes she gets a bit selfish and just writes a blog because she loves writing or is on her high horse about something.

And on that note, let’s pop on our very clever looking reading glasses, and get on with the job of making A Way With Words.

Felicity Lenehan.